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Terex - Demag Cranes 2015 

The new Terex-Demag model strong heavy lift 75 Ton Rough Terrain crane with a long powered telescopic boom is a perfect crane lift. 

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SANY Cranes 2014 

The new 2014 model strong heavy lift 55 Ton Rough Terrain crane with a long powered telescopic boom is a perfect crane lift. 

News item 3

Liebherr 45 Tons MAN 

Truck mounted 45 Ton mobile crane MAN is a powerful mobile crane for lifting and have the ability to travel long distances specially on an urgent jobs. 

News item 4

The Real Logo 

We design our advertisement by making our own Billboard. Designed using three dimensional and constructed by well known machinist, welders and fabricators. 

Looking Forward
Our Goal
Our Solution
Our Services

Our company is looking forward for the future soaring high buildings and establishment here in the Middle East. Great high technology process and lifting loads. Allow us to serve you with confidence with our certified good condition facilities and equipments.

Spare Parts

We have a well trained and specialized hydraulic mechanics to maintain our heavy equipments such as trailers, forklifts and our mobile cranes from 7 tons to 500 tons to work properly. our engineers conducting a daily routine checkup for security to prevent oil lick and other mechanical issues.


We are transporting the fly jib needed for tower erection, we are using our Flat & Low Bed Trailers for the job. We are dealing also for loading and unloading of the materials specially at the port site. ​

We have specialized Mechanical Engineers for checking the condition of our mobile cranes before deploying to the site. We have well trained and experienced Site Supervisors for checking the sites condition, crane needed for lift, analyzing the position of cranes in action.

Our company dealing with Mobile Crane Rentals, Trucks, Flat & Low Bed Trailers, Forklifts and other lifting jobs. We are offering all kinds of spare parts such as cranes, trucks, trailers and other heavy equipments with good quality materials. We are also accepting maintenance and repair specially board circuitry system.

We are supplying spare parts directly from Japan for the good quality and durability for every parts that our company will release. We are very strict in terms of quality, durability and performance when we are dealing with every spare parts. We are assuring that our company will give thebest quality to satisfy our client.

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